Looking back… Lisbon, Portugal

As we are currently saving for a wedding, we won’t be traveling overseas before our honeymoon.  Thus we have been reminiscing about our past adventures, in particular our European holiday of 2009/10.

One of the surprise highlights of the trip was Lisbon, Portugal. Although we only had a few days to spend exploring the city we loved every minute of it. We fell in love with the cobbled streets, the winding alleyways, the sweeping views of burnt orange and terracotta rooftops, the famous yellow trams and the daily ritual of morning espressos and patisserie treats.

Although it is easy enough to discover Lisbon yourself, we highly recommend the guided walking tours around the city. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable about the city’s rich history and was able to show us many hidden parts of the city such as the “silent quarter” of Alfama where cars are noticeably absent along the narrow maze like streets, ladies shout to one another from their windows and the residents make the daily trek to the public baths to do their washing before draping it along the balconies of their terrace houses. After the tour, we were lucky enough to join the guide for lunch at one of the locals’ favourite lunchtime haunts.

Lisbon is one of those places we would love to return to one day (perhaps on our honeymoon!).

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