South African Rusks a Must

Last year Craig traveled to South Africa for the World Cup and discovered rusks! They are a hard dry biscuit that you have with your tea or coffee. They are not very exciting on their own, but are great when dunked into tea or coffee and surprisingly addictive. You wouldn’t always want a tea or coffee when offered, but then realised if you did have one, you could have a rusk!

We have both only recently started to enjoy coffee, but so much so we bought a Moka pot to great coffee (go buy one!), so it was a perfect time to bake some rusks.

A friend from work, Charléne, is from South Africa, so Craig asked her about rusks, and she said her Mum is always baking large batches of them. So with a bit of persuasion, Charléne got her mum to translate their family recipe for us (Craig and Jess, not Olive Juice!); thanks Charléne!  It was relatively easy to make, the only issue was Charléne’s Mum bakes them in the oven at a low temperature over night, however our oven requires the timer to be on to operate, and the timer only goes up to 2 hours! So we had to pick a Sunday where we were home all day to keep resetting the timer. It was worth it though, with the first batch almost gone already.

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2 Responses to South African Rusks a Must

  1. Jules says:

    Do you have the recipe guys?

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